kid's closet and bedroom organization

Help your kids get organized with a custom kid's closet:

Kids are great fun and the sunshine in our lives, but wow, they can be a mess! If you can't teach your kids to clean. If you walk into your child's room and feel as if you need protective gear before the next bomb goes off, then these ten tips for kid's closet organization are just what you need!

We can help you clear out from under the bed, find bins for all the toys that are usually scattered on the floor, get the clothes put up and the best part, teach your child how to manage their own mess, so you won't have to do it any longer!

Children love a custom kids closet that is built just for them.

Kids can learn to love keeping their rooms clean. Inspire them with a custom kid's closet that fits their unique personality!


1) Get the Kids to Help You Clean Out Their Stuff.

This may seem like an impossible task, but it truly doesn't have to be a fight. Your child may have his or her favorite toys that they play with on the regular, but odds are they also have a ton of items that could be donated to underprivileged kids in need. Make clearing out clutter easy with your kid by explaining the importance of donation.

Clean Out Kid's Closets and Donate!

Clear out the kid's closets and get them excited about donating for good! :


2) Install Shelves and Drawers that are Easily Accessible for Kids.

custom drawers and shelves for kid's closets

Drawers and Shelves can be installed at the perfect height in your kid's closet:


  • Custom shelves can be a great way for kids to store their favorite belongings.




  • Using drawers at your kids appropriate height makes it easy for them to put their own clothes away.




  • Lower shelves for shoes can help kids keep their favorite sandals and tennis shows organized.




  • For kids who share a room, you can designate drawers and shelves in the closet to give them individual space.




  • You can choose to build custom shelves or go the easy route and invest in adjustable shelving units from Custom Closet and Garage.




3) Color Coordinate Everything!

kids closet organization with colors

Kid's Closet Organization with Color Combination:

Check out these great tips on kids closet organization with color coordination!

4) Add Bins and Baskets for Extra Storage

Closet Accessories, Bins and Baskets

Closet accessories like bins and baskets can serve as a great organizing tool for kid's closets.


  • Add a laundry basket into your kid's closet, so they can keep dirty clothes off the floor and in the right spot!




  • Boxes can be decorative and functional. Keep craft supplies for children in funky boxes stored away in the closet.




  • Clear bins can be added to the closet for toy organization, so your child can keep an eye on their favorite play things.




  • Bins can hold everything from toys, flip flops and craft supplies to dirty laundry, socks, undergarments and more! The possibilities of what you can store in bins or baskets truly are endless.




  • When combined with closet shelves and drawers, storage bins optimize organization which allows your kids to keep on top of staying neat!




5) Create A Creative Chalk Board to Keep Your Child's Chore List Fun!

Kids Closet Doors with Chalkboard

Kid's Closet Doors with Chalkboard Paint Make For Creative Design:


  • Chalkboard paint on closet doors adds fun to functionality; allowing kids to enjoy the look of their closet, which can promote a willingness to keep it looking great!




  • A chalkboard area can be applied to the outside of the closet door or even the inside!




  • Kids will love drawing on their new creative surface and you can even make their chore list exciting by putting it up on the chalkboard with fun designs!




  • Once your child gets on track with their organization skills, use the chalkboard to write notes of encouragement and let them know how proud you are of their clean room. You can even create a rating scale for tidiness!




6) Add in Adjustable Hanging Rods That Can Grow With Your Kid

Premium Hanging Rods that adjust are perfect for kid's closets. Our children grow up in the blink of an eye and it would seem pretty pointless to custom build a kid's closet if they are going to outgrow in in a year or two. Luckily, most all closet accessories and closet organizers are completely adjustable, so as your child grows up so can the closet!


7) For Fun and Functionality, Make a Theme for Your Kid's Closet!

Whether you have a little princess, a rambunctious pirate or a wild child - making a themed bedroom will excite your child and motivate them to keeping it looking great! Use fun decorations to coordinate your child's closet with their bedroom's theme.

Kids Closets with Themes

A diver themed room with a matching kids closet for your Scuba Lover!

8) When you Begin Your Kid's Closet Makeover Utilize Organization Tools!

There are a ton of resources online that can help you get your kid's closet organized. From turning clean up day into a game day where work is actually accomplished to checklists and mapping resources that give you a plan to stick to while getting organized. Clearing out the closet doesn't have to be miserable and redecorating with organization systems should be fun! Accept the challenge and make it a day of excitement, rather than a day of work...this will teach your child that work can be made into a good time!

Click here to print a free closet organization worksheet!

Kids organization tips and books

Use fun tools like these kids organization books:

9) Reward Success!

Yes, our kids should just automatically keep their rooms and closets clean, but sometimes they need to know they will receive some sort of treat so they can stay focused and keep their eye on the prize.

Organize a reward system for your child when they succeed at keeping their room and closets organized.

Kid's Closet Organization

Reward System for Kid's Closet Organization

10) ENJOY!

Remember to enjoy the process of teaching your kids about good organization skills. Teaching responsibility, time management and organization will not only benefit your child's future, it will benefit you! We save a lot of time once we get organizaed and learn to stay that way...with custom kid's closet organizing systems, you will be able to enjoy your free time playing, rather than working!

Kids Closet Organization Systems

Fun and Organized! This Kid's Closet is a great design that will grow with your child and is easy to keep organized, leading to more fun family time:

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