Achieve Home Organization With Custom Closets in  Milford, Michigan

If you struggle with home organization, you are not alone. With so many obligations in your life, it’s not a surprise that going through your belongings and keeping them organized is not the top priority. Not to mention, in a busy household, what was once organized can rapidly spiral into disorganization with little effort! At Custom Closets and Garages, we can help you change all of that.
When you depend on our closet and storage experts, you’ll end up with a completely customized home organization solution that works for you. Whether you’re having trouble with your closets, kitchen pantry, home office, laundry room, garage, or all of the above, we can help. Call Custom Closets and Garages today for a free consultation for custom closets in Milford. 

Custom closets and garage specializes in all things home improvement.

Custom closets and garage specializes in all things home improvement.

Better Storage Solutions for Every Area of Your Home

While we specialize in custom closets and garages, our home organization services do not end there. In fact, we can help you optimize the space in any room, from the living room to the dining room, kitchen, guest bedroom, home office, playroom, and more. Here are some of the ways we can help you whip your home into shape.

  • Walk-In Closets: Your master bedroom closet should be a place for you and your partner to store and easily gather up your outfits for whatever it is you have to do throughout the course of the day. If you’re currently tripping over shoes, picking up blouses off of the floor and stepping around piles, we have the walk-in closet solutions you need.
  • Kids’ Closets: Kids are notorious for not keeping their belongings in good order. While much of it has to do with a lack of experience, a big portion of the problem could be that they don’t have the tools necessary to keep their belongings organized. We build kid-friendly closets that are fully adjustable for years of use.
  • Reach-In Closets: Do you have small closets, such as the hall closet, coat closet or linen closet, that you keep shut when guests come over? Maybe you fear a small avalanche is going to land on your head when you open them up. We can help by creating a custom closet design that will work in your tiny space.
  • Closet Accessories: Besides your clothing, you also store shoes, belts, ties, jewelry and more in your closet. Do you have a way to keep these organized and safe from damage? We have a variety of closet organizers, including shoe racks, belt hooks, tie racks and jewelry drawers, that will keep these items neat and tidy.
  • Kitchen Pantry: If you find yourself throwing away expired food, searching high and low for ingredients while you’re cooking, or giving up and giving in to takeout on a regular basis, you might have a problem with organization in your kitchen. We can design a custom kitchen pantry with pull-out shelves that will get you back on track in your kitchen.
  • Home Office: From home office cabinets to open shelving to a designed-for-you workspace, a home office organization solution by Custom Closets and Garages can help you be more productive in your home office. Whether you work from home full time or telecommute occasionally, an efficient space is a must!
  • Custom Garage: If your Milford garage has seen better days, we can help with a wide range of garage organizers. We can install overhead storage racks, wall panel systems, garage flooring, shelves, garage cabinets, and even a workbench. Because we maximize the space available on the walls and overhead, you’ll have plenty of floor space for the car.
  • Murphy Beds: Do you have a dedicated guest room? A Murphy bed, which is also called a wall bed, can give you a place to host overnight guests without resorting to an uncomfortable pull-out sofa or an air mattress on the floor. Many styles and sizes are available to suit any space, such as your playroom, library, office or family room.

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If you are ready to explore the option of getting your home organized in Milton, Michigan, now’s a great time to call Custom Closets and Garages. We offer a free consultation and would be happy to come to your home to create a custom design for your storage areas. Call today!