Guide To Garage Flooring Ideas And Options

Without going out to look, describe your garage flooring. Chances are, you might not be absolutely certain of its precise shade or whether it’s sealed or unsealed, because the garage floor is not generally among the most-thought-about features of a home. Most garage floors nowadays are made from concrete; sometimes it’s sealed or painted, and sometimes it isn’t. Some homeowners also choose other types of garage flooring options.

If you are about to have your garage customized, you won’t want to neglect to think about the floor. First, there’s no time like the present; while you have everything out of your garage, it’s the perfect time to have the floors replaced. Secondly, once your new custom garage is installed, the floors will look dingy and old in comparison if you haven’t had them redone recently.

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Here is a short primer on the different types of garage flooring available. At Custom Closets and Garages, we can help you with most of these flooring types. Others, you can do on your own. Feel free to ask us for advice on what would be best in your garage.

Garage Flooring Sealers

If your concrete is in good shape (no major pitting, cracks or other issues), having it sealed is a cost-effective way to make it look good and last longer. You can put down a sealer yourself or hire a professional to do it. A high-quality sealer will help minimize damage from water or other spills. It will be relatively stain-resistant when compared to unsealed concrete. It will also prevent the concrete from creating dust until it wears off. Choose a sealer containing epoxy for maximum longevity and strength.

Garage Flooring Paint

Painting the garage floor is another popular options among DIY-ers. The advantage here is that you can choose any color you’d like. It’s also inexpensive enough that you can change it on a whim later on, if you decide you want a change. Use a water-based latex paint; this is inexpensive and it should give you good coverage. If you want to get more time out of your painted garage floor, try an epoxy paint.

Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

If you’ve ever walked into an auto showroom and marveled at the shiny, glossy flooring, you might like an epoxy floor coating in your own garage. These are fade-, stain- and slip resistant. They also stand up to heavy use; chances are very good that the traffic in your garage is not going to rival that of a car dealership, after all. Although they’re shiny, they generally are not slippery, so you won’t need to worry about walking on it on wet or snowy days.

epoxy garage flooring

One interesting note to consider when it comes to epoxy floors in the garage is that there are several options available to make them even more customized. For example, color chips can be added for a custom look, or a different type of top coating can be used to help it cure more quickly. Ask your garage professional for more information on these options.

Interlocking Tile Floors

Have you ever seen a checkerboard pattern or stripes on the floor of a garage? These can be made out of interlocking tiles. All you need to do is choose your colors and configurations, and a custom garage flooring company can do the rest. It’s possible for someone handy to lay these as a do-it-yourself project, too, but it’s likely a pro will get a better price on materials, then you won’t have the hassle of trying to make sure they’re straight and perfectly aligned. You can do so many things with tiles: Put them in a checkerboard, block off certain areas by color (an area to park the car, an area around your workbench, etc.), or even choose team colors for a truly custom look. It’s up to you!

interlocking tile garage flooring

Vinyl Floor Mats

If you are looking for something very easy to simply roll out, consider rubberized vinyl floor mats in your garage. These roll out and offer a good deal of protection for not a lot of work. They are padded, so you won’t be standing on hard concrete if you work in your garage. Also, they resist spills and stains and are quite slip-resistant. This is not permanent flooring. You can move them easily, which is convenient if you think you would like to switch to a different flooring option later or if you plan to move soon, as you can take them with you.

Traditionally Indoor Flooring Materials

Depending on how you intend to use your garage, you might choose to use flooring that is normally used indoors, such as vinyl or laminate wood. If you are completely finishing it (including adding extra insulation and climate control), you might even be considering porcelain tile, hardwood or carpet. If you choose this type of flooring for a garage that you’re remodeling into a family room or other living space, you will need to put down a moisture barrier underneath. A professional flooring expert can help you choose the right materials to use to prevent water damage underneath your new floor.

Choosing a new garage flooring material can be a challenge, but your custom garage company can help you make the right decision. At Custom Closets and Garages, we talk to each homeowner to find out their priorities for the space, their personal preferences and their budgets. You can benefit from a free consultation; we will come to your home and design the garage of your dreams, including the garage floors. Please call today to schedule this free, no-obligation appointment.

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