Custom Closet Design & Installation

Design a Custom Closet Storage System for Your Needs in Brighton, MI

Do you wish that your home were better organized? If so, this might be the right time for you to consider having custom closets installed in your home. Far from being simply a way to organize your bedroom closet (though we do that!), custom closets are individualized storage solutions that can keep your entire home in good order. Custom Closet & Garage serves Brighton, Michigan, and the surrounding areas.

Custom Closet Solutions Built Just for You!

When you have a custom closet built, it will be built especially for you, your lifestyle, your home and your budget. Here are some of the ways that custom closets can make a difference in your home:

  • Custom closets are built for you
    You are unique, as is your family. The way that you want your home to function isn’t exactly the same way that your neighbor, boss, sister or best friend want their homes to run. Therefore, your closets and storage areas should reflect your ideals, and not someone else’s. Custom closet organizers are built to help you work and play most effectively in your own home.
  • Custom closets are built for the space that you have available
    Have you ever tried to wear something that just didn’t fit perfectly? Buying clothing off of a rack works fairly well for most people, but if you need something that hugs your body perfectly, you may need to see a seamstress or a tailor. It’s the same with custom closets: Your closet designers will make sure that your closet organizers fit perfectly, with no annoying gaps, bending, buckling or spaces for items to get stuck in!
  • Custom closets are built for your budget
    Just as there’s not a one-size-fits-all closet system out there, there’s not a one-size-fits-all budget when it comes to building these closets. Depending on your needs and what you can afford, we can build as simple or elaborate a closet solution as is necessary. Custom closets are not just for the rich and famous!

Call Today for a Free Custom Closet Consultation!

We offer a free closet organizer consultation to homeowners in Brighton and other areas of Michigan. During this appointment, we’ll take some measurements and ask some questions before designing your customized closet or other storage space. You’ll be able to see everything and make changes on our 3D software, so you won’t have any surprises when it comes to your new closet organizers. There is no obligation or cost, so give us a call today to set up your in-home appointment.