If one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to finally get (and stay!) organized, you might be faltering at this point. To renew your commitment to taming your closet clutter monster, here are four hacks that you can do yourself to keep your closets in tip-top shape all year long. Make 2016 the year you whip those storage spaces into shape once and for all!

Custom Closet Organization For Less Clutter.

#1 Pegboard Is an Organized Person’s Dream Wall Covering


photo of pegboard project by regan76 via Flickr

Consider all of the things in your closet that you could hang on hooks: scarves, jewelry, handbags, belts. Now think about how you can get those hooks to hang on your wall in a completely customized way. Right, pegboard! Hang a sheet on one wall of your closet, liberally place some hooks through some of the holes, and get those items hung up. If you need to add more hooks or take some away, it’s a piece of cake!


#2 Let the Rainbow Be Your Guide

Custom Closet coloration

photo by Rubbermaid products via Flickr.

Isn’t it frustrating to search through your closet for that navy blue blouse you know you have in there somewhere? Add some aesthetic charm to your closet, as well as functional efficiency, by organizing your clothing by color. Put all of your tops on your bed and arrange them in piles by color. Then hang up all of the reds and pinks, all of the oranges, all of the yellows and creams... you get the idea. Repeat with skirts, pants and ties. Now when you want a particular piece, you will know exactly where to look.


#3 Incorporate Fold-Down or Pull-Out Components

Linen closet with dlx. ironing board in Silver Mist finish. Closet in Chocolate Pear and White melamine finishes

Linen closet with dlx. ironing board in Silver Mist finish. Closet in Chocolate Pear and White melamine finishes

Your closet has limited floor space, but don’t let that limit you! Think about what types of items can be included if you were to utilize your wall space. For example, placing a fold-down ironing board on one wall of your closet will allow you to do quick touch-ups in the morning without having to leave the closet. You can also use this surface to fold laundry. A full-length mirror can be nestled against a short wall adjacent to where you hang your clothes; just pull it out to check your outfit, then slide it back into place.


#4 One Man’s Trash Can Be Your Closet’s Treasure

Before you throw away wine boxes or soda cans, think about whether they can be upcycled. Boxes that once held wine bottles can be used as handy storage for sandals and other summary shoes during the winter months. Slide one shoe into each compartment and store the box on a high shelf to keep that footwear from getting underfoot when you’re wearing boots. Also, save the tabs from cans of pop: Slide them over the top part of your hangers, and then you’ll have a ready-made place to slide another hanger through. This is perfect for putting separates together into outfits for the next day or week.

Think about the storage problems you have, then consider whether you can use a DIY hack to solve them. Of course, a professional closet organizer company can magically transform any closet into a haven of calm and clutter-less storage space. Don’t be afraid to involve the professionals as you strive to tackle your closet clutter in 2016. If you are in the Highland, Michigan area click this link to set up a free consultation. 

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