Reach-In Closet Organizers

Custom Designs for Reach-In Closet Organizers in Michigan Homes.

If you have a small, reach-in closet, like a coat closet or perhaps a linen closet, you may notice that for its small size, it’s more difficult to keep neat and tidy than some of the larger storage spaces in your home. The reason for this is that when space is scarce, optimization of that space becomes even more important! At Custom Closet and Garage, we can take even the smallest closet and transform it into the effective and efficient storage space that you need.

But Is it Worth It?

Some clients aren’t sure whether investing in a custom closet system for a small closet is worth the time, effort and money involved. We say that it most certainly can pay off to customize a small space. Here are some things to think about:

  • Custom closets give you more room
    The biggest reason for having a reach-in closet customized is that it will give you more room than you ever thought possible in such a small space. From appropriate shelving, to carefully spaced rods, to closet accessories, we can help you utilize every inch of your little closet. Wasted space in a small closet means that you’re making your usable space even smaller than it needs to be. If you’re struggling to find the space needed for everything in your home, then you should do all that you can to expand whatever space you do have.
  • Reach-in custom closets are less expensive than you might think
    Our smallest closet systems start at about $150. When you add in all of the accessories and little extras that make the space as useful as possible, you might be looking at just under $1,000. For a relatively small investment, you could be enjoying an optimized storage area that can actually pay for itself over time.
  • A custom closet system can help you save money
    Depending on what you are using your newly built custom closet for, you may find that it pays for itself over time. For example, if you have hesitated to stock up on non perishable foods when they go on sale because you lacked storage space, an optimized reach-in closet could give you the space that you need. You could also use your new closet to store hand-me-down items for your children to grow into, reducing the need to shop for new items next season or next year.


Call for a Free Consultation for Your Small Closet

If you’re having trouble picturing what your customized small closet might look like, we offer a completely free consultation appointment. During this appointment, we can show you how your storage system can function on our 3D software program. You can have your questions answered and will be able to approve all designs before we charge you a penny or cut a single board. Call today to schedule this free, in-home consultation.

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