Turning your kid's closet into a book nook is not only easy, it is fun and will promote organization and a love for reading within your kid's life!

kids closet book nook

Give your kid's a gift that will last a lifetime, the love of reading! : imaginationsoup.net

Your child's closet can easily be transformed into a reading nook and with the right shelving, cabinets and storage accessories, it can still double as a closet! Not only will your kid learn to love reading, keeping their closet organized will be necessary in order for them to have a wonderful place to read!

kids closet inspiration

Start your kids out right by teaching them to love staying organized and to love reading : imaginationsoup.com

Check out this quick tutorial on transforming your kid's closet into an awesome imagination building book nook!

1) Paint the Closet Walls.

Paint the inside of the closet with a fun color or match the decor to their room's theme. You can even paint with chalkboard paint in your child's closet, so they can practice their own creative expressionism!

kid's closet designs

Paint the inside of the closet with a fun color or decorate with items that your kid will love : pinterest.com

2) Insert a Bench Seat for Cozy Reading!

Insert a bench seat that has space for shelving and baskets below for comfortable seating. Your child will love sitting in their own personal area on a bed of pillow to read their favorite books.

kid's closet organization

A bench seat is the perfect place to start when designing your kid's closet book nook. Make sure to leave room for storage baskets under the seat! :pinterest.com

3) Install Custom Cabinets or Drawers!

Have custom cabinets installed in the closet's side wall in order to have a place for knick knacks, clothing items or even books! The options for storage with custom cabinets are endless. You can install them yourself or hire a professional closet designer that specializes in kid's closets to come in!

functional kid's closet drawers

Notice the built-in shelves behind the boy reading his book. You can use these drawers as clothing storage or book storage! :pinterest.com

4) Shelves Make a Difference In Kid's Closet Organization.

Get shelves put into your kid's closet for complete organization. They will love escaping into their book nook and pulling their favorite story off custom built shelves that are just their height.

walk-in kid's closet

This walk-in closet transformed into a kid's book nook boasts shelves for all the wondrous toys and books kids love to collect. :pinterest.com

5) Your Kid's Closet as a Teaching Tool!

Teaching your children to enjoy reading and studying are of great importance. Turning a kid's closet into a book nook not only gives kids a space to study, it also gives them a feel for using an area to learn.

kids organization

A kid's closet can undergo a transformation that will even transform your children into avid readers and organizers! : pinterest.com

Just like your home office, kid's will have a place to escape and do homework or assigned reading. Reward your kid's for keeping their book nook kid's closet organized and you're killing two birds with one stone...well your teaching to lessons with one room!

6) A Book Nook Will Enhance Your Child's Imagination!

Making a private place for reading and playing will enhance your kid's imagination. Dr. Seuss said it right, "The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that your learn, the more places you'll go."

kid's closet designs and organization

Create a book nook that will create magic for your kids : nateandrachael.com

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