10 Tips on Eliminating the Stress of Home Organization

This man has stress  (and a little breakdown) over his own wife’s closet and her excessive shoes,  but I’m guessing we have all looked in the closet and felt like crying over the clutter. Although, she had a great organization system going on, it’s important to realize that simplifying our belongings during organization is key to really getting the job done right.

Experiencing or feeling stress is a complaint that most of us have, but the facts are that many of our “stressors” are closely related to our organization habits, or lack thereof. Clutter within the home, especially when shoved away in the closet, is never really out of sight out of mind and it may be causing you more stress than you realize!


Clutter can be confusing, get organized.

Confused because of the Clutter: Photo by SheKnows.com


Organization is all about making life a little simpler and easier. When we have tons of clutter, it makes it difficult to find what we actually want to wear. Our custom closets are home to our individual fashion choices that showcase a lot about who we are, so we should be slipping into our favorite outfits, not just the first thing we can find!


An Organization Poster to Help Reduce Clutter

Organization Poster by Christina Scalise via WriteDreamSweat.com

Follow our preparation advice to reach your dream of stress-free organized wardrobes and small closets!


“Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again.” - Joseph Campbell


Our goal is to get you prepped with a plan to do what it takes to reach your own closet organization goals! If you are in need of garage organization, check out our buddies post over at Northland Custom Closets and Garages, about "Custom Garage Organization". No more wishful thinking about perfectly aligned towels in the linen closet or boots that have a special place in the mudroom - you’re getting on track with a plan!


Your closet holds power. Whether it’s a little black dress that hugs your curves perfectly, a fabulous pair of pumps that make you feel as if you have legs for miles or your favorite statement necklace - some wardrobe pieces just make you feel good and those are the pieces that should be on display in your closet and easy to find!

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

Motivational Meme by Found on pinstamatic.com via Pinterest

Our tricks will help you get into the right mindset to organize anything, so you can be mentally prepared to overcome any closet mess! Whether it be your master bedroom’s walk-in closet (if you are so lucky), a small reach-in closet or a messy mudroom, our preparation tips will have you ready to conquer that mountain of clutter in no time at all!


Get Rid of Clutter, Organize your Closet

Home Organization Tips: Photo by lourdesofstyle.com


1. Time Management

If you are planning on tackling your master bedroom closet, small closet’s, kid’s closets, mudroom and your kitchen pantry - it will take awhile.

The best advice is to move at a steady pace and stay focused on your goal - simplifying your life and cutting back your stress!

If it helps you prioritize, make a to do list on one of these free printables:

Get It Done List

To-Do Checklist: Photo by www.mamasgotittogether.com


2. Motivate Yourself!

Get motivated to organize and conquer your closets by getting your house looking nice.

You don’t have to go through with a thorough deep clean, but starting an organization project with an already tidy space will help you immensely!

Check out these Green Cleaning Tips to clean up before you get down to clearing closet clutter!

Woman Spraying Window

Spray Down: Photo by GreenCleaningMagazine.com


Donating Box by to get rid of Clothes

Donating Box: Photo by Msn.com

3. Create a Work Area!

Now that your house is tidy, prepare a workspace for yourself to sort through your closet hoard.

You can use a folding table if you have one, your freshly made bed or if you’re working on linen closets and small closets - use whatever countertop is nearby.

4. Yes, No, Maybe!

This will be your mantra from start to finish.

Put together a yes pile, no pile and a box for donations!

If you can’t decide in six to ten seconds - it is a no!

YES, NO, MAYBE keep it going and create a rhythm for yourself.!

Check out more mind tricks here! 


5. Closet Cleaning NOstalgia!

Prepare yourself for the feeling of nostalgia!

You may have special memories with certain items that are stored away in your closet, but if you create space you can get a fabulous new piece for new memories!

If you have to keep it, try to get creative and make the item functional!

Try turning favorite t-shirts into  funky headbands, reusable bags or a pillow cases

Lots of people have a hard time letting things go, here is a way that you can upcycle your favorite old t-shirt!


6. Go to Pinterest.

YAY! This is your time to procrastinate for a little teensy-bit longer before beginning your closet battle!

Type into the search bar, “Closet Ideas”. Now, find what styles inspire you!

Finding a beautiful, well organized closet or mudroom and printing the photo will help you remember why you are working so hard.

Get Frustrated? Just refer back to your inspiration photo!

A Beautiful Walk In Closet

A Clean Walk In-Closet: Photo by OneKindDesign.com via Pinterest


7. Find Out What Type of Clutter You Have!

Are you a sentimental hoarder? Or more of a yard sale queen...gathering trinkets for craft projects that never get finished?

You have a chance to figure out what you “hoard” and take it out for good! Figure out the different types of clutter.


Thats A lot of Shoes

Shoe and Clothes Organized: Photo by Pinterest


Check Out Some More Organization Resources!


Home Office Organization

Working From Home: Photo by Rentcafe.com


Be your own professional organizer!

Make an appointment with yourself and keep it. Treat this as if you are meeting a very important client!

Schedule a day and time when you will begin your project and don’t back out!

Use these tips to turn yourself into an organizing pro!


9. Time to Conquer!

Empty the closet and begin sorting through your belongings. Remember your mantra and don’t get discouraged! You’ve got this!

While you’re working on cleaning out your closet clutter, make a list of any ideas that may come to you that will help you better organize.

If you are a closet organizing DIYer, use your list to go out and buy the tools to help you stay organized - Baskets and Bins or Shoe Storage racks!

To really treat yourself, hire a professional custom closet designer! After all the work you put into conquering the clutter in your closets, you deserve a space that is uniquely yours and a professional will supply you with design ideas and the tools to achieve your dream closet!

Well Organized Closet

Very Cleanly Closet : Photo by BHG.com via Pinterest


10. Enjoy No Stress Closet Systems!

Now that you have your closet organized with custom shelves, baskets, cabinets and storage solutions you can easily maintain the upkeep.

Enjoy Your Newly Conquered Closet and Get Out There to Conquer the Rest of Your Dreams!


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