Men have it easy on Valentine’s Day; flowers, dinner, and card.  Your man follows the playbook every year, treating you like a queen on the most romantic day of the year – so why not give him something special this year?  If your mind is racing to the usual, why not give the incredible?

In fact, why not give your man the best gift a man could get:  A man-cave.

Man-caves are the newest room to have in your home, in addition to raising the value of your house they strengthen the bond in your relationship. There’s no secret men need their space, giving your man permission to relax in a space all his own will allow him to express himself – it will also get that stuffed sea bass off your living room wall.

Don’t forget about organization!  Start your room’s transformation with organization in mind.  All men need spaces for filing and organization like pull-out drawers, wall shelves and peg board because, well, it’s a guy thing.

Still pondering the idea of a man cave?  Well, here are more great ideas for 3 types of guys to help them organize their space and add some personality to your home:

The Fashionable Man:

  • Watch trays
  • Hat boxes
  • Tie rack
  • Cloth storage boxes
  • Accessory trays and pull out drawers

The Gadget Guy:

  • Drawer dividers for cords (this is great for your man cave!)
  • Wireless charging stations
  • Back lit glass storage

The Hobbyist:

  • Pull out storage drawers for small items (another great addition to your man cave!)
  • Labeled shelving for equipment
  • Architect drawers for papers and large items
  • Desk caddies
  • Stow-away plastic tote storage

The first thing your husband is going to do is want to move right on in.  Once he sees all the new organizational space you’ve given him, he’ll finally be able to store all his gear in one room.  Give him the space he needs on day one and his new cave won’t become a prehistoric mess.

Men want to feel appreciated, and man caves are the perfect way to show that you want him to have a place all his own.  He’ll think of you and how much your relationship means to him every time he slips away to watch the game in peace.



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