After taking the step of choosing a custom closet designer to install a storage system tailored perfectly to your exact requirements, you will need to prepare your closet space for the actual installation. It can be difficult to determine where to begin the closet cleanout process, but these five steps from our Michigan closet and garage design experts can help you to get started. Apply these steps to efficiently organize kitchen pantries, small closets, laundry rooms, walk-in closets, garages, and more.

Steps to Prepare for a Custom Closet Installation

Step 1: Clear the clutter

Start by removing everything from your closet until the space is completely vacant. From there, take inventory of the items, sorting them into three separate piles:

  • Keep the clothes that fit and that you wear on a regular basis, or the ones that are extremely sentimental, such as a wedding dress, old athletic uniform, and so on.
  • Sell or donate any clothes in good condition that you no longer intend to wear.
  • Discard unwanted undergarments as well as clothes that are torn, broken, discolored, or bleached. A small portion of these may be candidates for upcycling.

The fewer items you keep, the easier the organization process will be. Take a minimalist approach and critically review each of your items before sorting it into one of the above piles.

Step 2: Deep-clean the space

Once the closet is completely empty, meticulously scrub all shelving and flooring surfaces, removing dust, cobwebs and any marks on the walls. Don’t neglect proper floor care, either. Vacuum and steam clean the carpets and wipe the baseboards to start your closet remodel with a clean slate. If desired, give the walls a fresh coat of paint before the storage system installation.

Step 3: Plan your organization strategy

Using the 3D closet design provided by your custom closet installer, you can visualize where all of your items will be kept. In real time, you will see your design come to life and work with your closet designer to make modifications instantly, switching colors, layouts and finishes until everything looks just right.

All About Closets wrote a great blog post on how to bridge the gap between design innovation and functionality in your custom closet titled, Innovative Custom Closet Design Based on Your Wardrobe. Putting some thought into your closet needs and having an expert closet designer help can make a huge difference.

Step 4: Renovate the space (if desired)

If you were planning on painting the walls or replacing the flooring, the best time to do so is now. You can also shop ahead for rugs, chairs, ottomans, or other decorative pieces to accent your completed closet design.

Step 5: The day of the installation

On the day of the custom closet installation, we arrive on time to begin work. The process generally takes less than a day, and we thoroughly clean our work area when the job has been completed. After the installation is finished, you are free to customize your closet decoration and enjoy your organized space.

Your custom closet design should fit your style and maintain beauty and functionality! When it comes to closet design and organization, we offer many different options. To see what would work best for your home, request a complimentary in-home closet estimate today.

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