Custom Closet Organizers

Custom Organization Solutions for Custom Closet Organizers in Auburn, Michigan Homes

Do you have smaller reach-in closet in your home? These are the type that you can’t step into, and they might be smaller than standard closets such as those in the guest bedrooms. Some examples include hallway closets, coat closets and linen closets. Because they’re small in size, many homeowners get into the habit of cramming them full and ending up with a chaotic closet situation.

At Custom Closet & Garage, we can help you achieve closet organization with your reach-in closets in Auburn, Michigan, and in the surrounding areas.

Are Small Custom Closets Worth It?

You might wonder whether it’s worth the time, energy and cost involved to modify a small reach-in closet. The fact is, there are several benefits to having your small storage spaces spruced up! Here are a few of them:

  • Reach-In Custom Closets Are Surprisingly Affordable
    Our small closet systems can start at a very affordable $150, though with all of the accessories and “extras,” most homeowners are looking at investing about $800-1000 in many cases. As far as home improvement projects go, this is a modest fee that can pay off with better home organization and less stress for you.
  • Reach-In Custom Closets Can Pack a Powerful Punch
    The smaller a storage area, the bigger the need for optimized space. We can create more space in your small closet by adding extra clothing rods, sometimes parallel to one another going from back to front, instead of from side to side. We can utilize every inch of space, from ceiling to floor, in order to make the closet work for you.
  • Reach-In Custom Closets Add Value to Your Home
    When the time comes to put your house on the market, custom closet systems can help your home sell more quickly, and might even add to your profit. Potential buyers open closets and imagine their stuff in your space; the larger you can make a small closet look, the better!

Free Consultation for Custom Closets in Auburn, MI

From the time we enter your home for your free consultation until the time we install your new closet system, your satisfaction is our top priority. The process starts with a phone call. We will schedule your cost- and obligation-free consultation appointment, where we will talk to you, take measurements and design your closet on our 3D software. From there, it’s up to you to approve the design and schedule your installation. Give us a call today to schedule this valuable appointment.