Closet Design

Create the Custom Closets of Your Dreams for Your Home in Novi, Michigan

Let’s face it: Life is stressful enough without having to worry about whether your storage areas are out of control. A clean, organized closet can erase some of your stress. No longer will you have to spend time dealing with wrinkled clothing, misplaced shoes, tangled jewelry or kids’ stuff piled precariously. Custom Closet & Garage is the answer to your closet design troubles if you live in the Novi, Michigan area.

Here are some of the ways that we can help you:

      • Custom Closets
        Your home is your castle, and your castle is unlike any other. The way that you live, work, play and store your items is unique to you; there’s no reason why your closets shouldn’t follow suit! Custom Closet & Garage won’t offer you a cookie-cutter solution; from start to finish, we work with your needs, desires and budget in mind. Your end product will reflect you and your home, not someone else’s vision of what closet organization solution should look like.
      • Walk-In Closets
        Walk-in closets in master bedrooms often become the dumping grounds for out of season clothing, seasonal decorations, children’s outgrown apparel and more. With our custom closet designs specifically designed for homes in Novi, Michigan, we can help you to make sense of the mayhem and make room for your own clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories.
      • Kids' Closets
        In many homes, children’s closets present some of the biggest organizational challenges. Kids tend to get overwhelmed by unkempt storage areas. This often leads to them throwing items in the closet and slamming the door. With our kid-friendly custom closet organizers, everything stays within easy reach. Best of all, our products grow along with your child.
      • Closet Design
        With our special 3D computerized program, you can see your closet design as we put it together. During your free closet design consultation, you will be able to view what your finished product will look like. This makes it easy for you to suggest changes, and for us to fine-tune your design before we begin construction.
      • Closet Accessories
        Your closet holds far more than clothing. Our closet accessories, ranging from shoe racks and jewelry organizers to shelving and drawers in a range of sizes, help you keep all of your odds and ends neat and tidy.

Schedule Your Free Closet Design Now and Save 20%!

When you schedule your free consultation, including a 3D design session, you’ll get 20% off of your custom closet system constructed and installed in Novi, Michigan! Call today and experience the joy that comes with clean and organized closets.