As with any home improvement project, the goal of custom closets is to ensure that the value is at least equal to the investment. Most of our homeowners find that reduced stress, less clutter and the more efficient use of space more than outweighs the financial and time investment required to have custom closets put in. If you are planning on putting your home on the market, however, you may wonder whether custom closets can add value to your home. The answer is, yes, they can! Here are some ways that having customized storage spaces can add to your home’s value when the time comes to sell:

    • Potential buyers ooh and aah over increased storage space.
      As any real estate will tell you, house-hunters try to envision their belongings in the houses that they tour. If someone opens your custom closet and sees rows of hanging separates, neat stacks of sweaters, high-quality drawers and shelves, and an abundance of closet accessories, they will sit up and take notice! In addition to upgraded kitchen cabinets and high-end flooring, upgrades like custom closets can be mentioned in your real estate listing, and can definitely draw some attention.


    • You’ll be able to stow away a lot of your own belongings.
      Part of house staging when your home is on the market has to do with hiding your own things so that your potential buyers will see themselves living there. While house-hunters will typically overlook a room filled with packed boxes, why not utilize your storage space and keep your rooms wide open? If you have a custom garage or even a custom walk-in closet, these make good places for stashing your pictures, collections and other doodads that will just distract your buyers. Here are some other good ideas for storing your stuff for optimal home staging when selling your home.


  • Custom closets can tip the scale in your favor.
    Depending on the market when you go to sell, you might have buyers who have many homes to consider in their price range. Extras like custom closets can tip the balance in your favor, particularly if not many homes in your area include them. Particularly if you have a common floor plan or don’t have a lot of special features like a fireplace, a pool or granite counters in the kitchen, investing in custom closets can give your home that little bit of extra oomph it needs in order to attract more offers.

As with any type of home upgrades, your real estate agent will be able to tell you whether custom closets will make a small or large impact in your particular area. In some parts of the country, organization systems are more common and may be worth more to your potential buyers. You will likely find that your closets pay for themselves in terms of reduced stressed and less wear-and-tear on your clothing, but if increasing your home’s value is important to you or you plan on selling your home soon, then this is something to look into!

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